/How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

If you are a new blogger who have started a new blog then surviving as a new blogger is very tough job. Blogging requires time, patience, determination, regularity, writing practice and effective strategies. You need to earn something to fulfil your requirements for keeping your blog active and earning as well. So, to make your earning more worth, you can consider any best web hosting affiliate program. Now you will ask which provider is best for affiliate program? Then to make your decision simple. I will tell you that MilesWeb affiliate program is getting popular and you can earn best commission without paying anything.

What is Affiliate Program?

It is a modern definition of old concept – getting a commission on the sale. You as a blogger, introduce your visitors to the products and services from the   popular companies or individuals and get commissions on the sales that are done via your referral links.

Benefits of Affiliate Program

1) Performance oriented:

The main advantage of having an affiliate program is that it is performance oriented. You get commission only when you refer a sale from your affiliate links.

2) Vast marketing efforts:

Almost everyone is moving towards affiliate program and motivating people to join and promote the same. No matter what is your niche, you can easily start earning with affiliate program and earn the best commission. Moreover, it is suggested to join popular companies affiliate program, so that, you can get instant profit.

3) Cost effective:

No other program is as effective as affiliate in terms of cost. If you consider one of the best web hosting affiliate programs, then you can earn the best commission. However, grabbing more affiliates for your business is the prime way to promote than investing in any other overhead.

4) Increase the traffic:

Getting traffic on the website or blog is the ultimate aim of blog owner. For maximum traffic, you have to implement the on-page and off-page techniques. As I said before, getting popular affiliate marketers can support to get maximum traffic on the website.


MilesWeb Affiliate program


MilesWeb is an Indian hosting provider that provides hosting and domain related service at a fair price. Moreover, in small period of time, they have successfully established themselves in the Indian hosting market and  became one of the best web hosting providers in India. They also have an affiliate program that helps developers and bloggers to boost their service and earn the best commissions on the sale.





Reasons of promoting MilesWeb Affiliate

 1) Instant sign up bonus:

You will earn sign up bonus of Rs.1000/- as soon as you accomplish the sign up process of MilesWeb affiliate program.

2) Handsome commission:

You get handsome commission on sale that is referred by you and the commission is determined from the total order value that is exclusive of tax.

3) No registration fee:

MilesWeb has designed their affiliate program in a simple way, so that, bloggers will find it easy to join. For joining the MilesWeb affiliate program, you are not asked for a registration fee. You only need to add banner and start promoting.

4) No monthly target:

You are not asked to achieve specific number of targets for a month. Generally, referring a single customer in a month will make you eligible to earn the commission.

5) Short withhold period:

 Your commission will get released immediately after tenure of 30 days of the sale.

6) Eye catchy banners:

 They provide impressive banners that you can add on your website or blog. In case, you need customized banner then their designing team will help you to get the same.

7) Weekly affiliate payments:

 Most of their affiliates are getting payment on a weekly basis. For the same, you need to be eligible then it will get proceeded in the week otherwise you have to wait for the month end.

Steps to get started with MilesWeb Affiliate programs

You need to follow only three steps to join their affiliate program that mentioned below:

1) Step 1:

Sign up for the affiliate programs

2) Step 2:

Login to their affiliate program, choose the banner or text link as per your website or blog requirement.

3) Step 3:

Place the banners or text links on the website or blog and start earning.

Commission Structure

 1) 1 to 3 sales in a month – 30% Commission

2) 4 to 6 sales in a month –  40%  Commission

3) 7+ sales in a month – 50% Commission

It is recommendated to check all the terms and conditions before signing up to know detailed information about MilesWeb affiliate program.


Aah!! Finally you have got to know about the best source that you can consider to make money online without paying anything. It is the best source for all bloggers that gives instant output in terms of income.