/How To Start your Own Blog on Blogger

How To Start your Own Blog on Blogger



Before You Start your Blog let us Know Something about Blogging!

Blogging is a great way to express yourself and share your ideas with the world. We can share our Views on any topic with the people, Everyone choose different Niches for there Blogs, Its   a Awesome Platform to share our Knowledge and to show the people how good we are in that stuff.

Let Us See How To Create a Blog on Blogger :


1] First We Need Gmail id to sign in Blogger.com

2] Next We Need Title for our Blog

3] Next select a good domain name which is related to our Topic


Method to Create a Blog on Blogger:


Search for Blogger on Google



Go to Blogger.com by clicking link on Google that you have found before




Click On Sign In and login with Your Gmail id





Next Confirm Your Profile By Choosing Google+ or Blogger profile


Next select Title and Domain Address for Your Blog





You can see here your blog were Created successfully


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